Montessori Groups

(toddler 1,5 – 3 years)

The magic of the Montessori pedagogy is that it allows you to discover a little person’s individuality.

But it’s not the theory that is miraculous, it’s the child who really is!

Parenthood, that was once new and scary, now becomes clearer and more familiar.


„I felt the need of protecting a flame that might be extinguished by a little puff of wind…“

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Princ

Montessori group is similar to a research lab of your child’s behaviour, a space where you can understand who was sent to you by the Universe.

When you know on „a cellular level“ what kind of person is in front of you, communication becomes calm and logical.

Grown-ups observe the child and try to create a situation where requests of the child’s age could be satisfied by his role-playing.

With toddlers, we focus on movement and speech.

Just imagine that someone fondly and carefully observes you, understands what you want and suggests a real and effective way to do that!

How would you feel?

The task of Montessori pedagogy is to make a child happy, independent and confident in his self worth.

And it’s a two-way process.

Parents of such kids are just the same.

That’s why for some parents, a child’s particular age becomes a strength test, and for others, it’s a time of happy slowdown when a miraculous child’s universe can be discovered.

I started leading child-parent groups 17 years ago, when my daughter turned 2. For 17 years I’ve been constantly observing the development in parent-child and grandparent-child pairs.

I was constantly learning, going through this time as both a mother and a Montessori teacher.

My greatest discovery was that future relationships with the child depended heavily on how well you could tune in to the „0-3“ wavelength.

With my support you will make it, I promise!

1.5 hour lesson Montessori group 500 CZK (Prague)

Feedback (Montessori group)


Thank you for the chance to come to a trial class in the Clew group. I have a wonderful impression! Pete (2 years old) got settled in 10 minutes, started actively exploring new space, examining the materials. He felt confident and comfortable.

I liked that there were many different corners and zones in the class, where a child could play, draw, have a snack or read a book, and that he could choose what to do not following one common programme.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Tania, who made our first visit very comfortable, answered our questions and even performed a small psychological counselling for us. We are seriously considering visiting these classes regularly.

Anna and Pete (2 years old)


We liked the selection of toys, our kid enjoyed playing with them. Tania is very friendly, she was explaining and showing what to do with materials and which of them are suitable for our kid’s age. There were no difficulties.

I’d never visited any Montessori class before so I had nothing to compare to but I was completely happy with this one! There was enough time to play, but my kid got whiny after one hour so we left a little early. In general, kids had a chance to play and moms  to talk. We really liked it all! I think, it’s the best possible thing in this situation!

Katya and Maxim (20 months old)