Psychological counseling

When all the „screams and shouts“ hit that crucial limit, a experienced guide can turn the tone into a more peaceful and constructive dialogue.

I will be with you, sharing my experience, soothing, supporting.


Difficult situations can often cause a break in the bond and emotional estrangement

At the peak of psychological pain, it seems natural to turn inward and avoid the problem.

However, this state of despair could be transformed into a resource – with the help of an experienced guide, you can not only safeguard your relationships, but also strengthen them.

By talking about the situation and recreating it in a safe therapeutic space, we can get to the next level of emotional closeness.

We can see each other as we are, without trauma distortion.

It won’t be easy but we need to „tolerate a couple of caterpillars in order to meet a butterfly“.

I can help you when:


Your child is going through a difficult time because of adaptation to kindergarten, school, or relocation.


Your child is struggling to accept the birth of a sibling.


Your child releases tension through potentially harmful or uncomfortable tactile sensations – sucks fingers, bites nails, twirls and pulls out hair.


You don’t feel relaxed or confident as a parent.


You want to make contact with a teenager


You have experienced an abortion or lost your child during your pregnancy.


Your delivery didn’t meet your expectations.


You want to estimate if your child is ready for school.


Your family is going through a difficult period (a death of a close person, divorse) and you don’t know how to explain it to your child.


You feel confused or lost because your children have grown up and live an independent life

What They Say


Thanks a lot!

It took me a while to collect my thoughts. That hour of consultation turned out very saturated and informative. I know Tatiana for more than 5 years. I knew her as a baby swimming and massage instructor. I knew her as an empathetic teacher of kids development programs.

I knew her as an extremely nice and charming person with whom you feel nice and cozy. I knew her as an experienced mom of 4. That day I discovered her as a psychologist.

Our older daughter was about to go to the first grade but I knew quite little about Czech schools and had an intuitive wish to listen to Tanya, and I was right! She gave me a very structured information, told me about different options, answered all my questions very clearly. Tatiana knows my daughters and that’s the most wonderful thing! She always sees the essence, all the recommendations are quite clear on the one hand, but I haven’t even thought about certain things.

I’m absolutely delighted with the consultation! We discussed two really complicated and important questions. I will address to Tatiana again with great pleasure! I thank you from my heart!!!

Alexes and Vika (5 years old), Nika (2 years old)


Thank you! There’s something magical about consultations.

The day of consultation is always very smooth. Even when next day it all comes back, it’s a nice feeling. 

Today it was also very smooth, Sasha has put up with the fact that dad had taken away her sunglasses by mistake, at the kindergarten she caught up with me when I was about to leave, took my sunglasses and went away.

Marina and Sasha (2.5 years old)


 It got much better with the kindergarten.

There were no more tantrums any more. Every time she asks to stay with her for a while and says that she doesn’t want to go. Few times she was whining quite intensely, but switched from it quite quickly. Every second day after kindergarten she has a 10-15 minute tantrum out of nowhere.

She breaks the tension and everything is alright again.

Yana and Daniela (3 years old)


This year my son went to school. I thought – Alright, he’s 6 now, it’s high time he starts visiting a psychologist once a year, just prophylactically.

Just like a dentist or a pediatrician. So that an anxious mom can hear that everything’s fine with her child.

But as a result, it was me and my husband who got psychological counselling. Unconsciously I wanted to load up my child and Tatiana with the things that were mine. After we met I realized very simple yet very important things:

1. It’s important to see a person „that was given to you“ in your child and not to try to compare his qualities to an ideal 6 year old boy that lives only in my head. To observe and not to compare!

2. I need to separate my experience (me as a child – my parents) from our experience with my son.

3. Let him get his own experience even if it’s negative. I let go – he grows up.

Marianna and Rodion (6 years old)