Baby Massage

(0-1 year)

It said: “Don’t touch! Take care! Wet paint!”

But soul was careless and

On calves and cheeks is memory’s taint,

On eyes and lips and hand.

Boris Pasternak


The role of touch in physical and mental health development is essential

I remember my astonishment during a first-aid training when I found out that body contact is more effective in warming up a hypothermic person than a blanket is!  

However, physical touch does more than just warm you up. The role of touch in physical and mental health development is essential.

The first sense of touch occurs in the uterus.


During 9 months of pregnancy amniotic fluid and uteral movements activate the embryo’s brain, relax it’s muscles, and create the feeling of comfort for the baby.

Finally after going through the strongest embrace, after reaching the peak of tactile contact, a newborn baby finds himself … in the vacuum.

It’s an empty space

The baby feels silence, bright light, cold and a deep craving for the old world.

It was so warm and quiet there, and there was a constant feeling of touch.

In our society, we have also moved away from a warm, loving, and tactile lifestyle.   

I know the force that protects, warms, comforts, and supports. The force that changes everyone.

It’s the force of loving touch.

I know that parents intuitively feel the need of tactile contact with their baby, but are afraid they might do some kind of harm.

I can show how to do it safely.

Knowledge and confidence will be added to your love on the finger-tips.

An hour of swimming and massage at your home 1500 CZK Prague / 800 CZK Beroun

Swimming In The Bath

(0–6 months)

„I felt extremely awkward and blundering.

What can I do to reach him?“

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Princ


How can you reach an agreement with someone who cannot talk, and who only eats, sleeps and cries?

The answer is through the body.

Newborn babies receive information through tactile feelings – touches, strokes, wiggles.

The little one has spent 9 months surrounded by liquid and he is getting used to his new life with his mom, dad and … gravity.

A delicate and slow swimming process reminds the baby of the tranquil condition in mom’s womb.

Tension and muscle clamps that might have appeared in the birthing process go away, the belly relaxes, and the fists open.

Parents also become more relaxed: they understand and feel their baby much better now.

The baby can’t speak yet, but he is already swimming, smiling and diving.


An hour of swimming and massage at your home 1500 CZK Prague / 800 CZK Beroun

Feedback on massage and baby swimming


Yesterday we swam in a big bath. Everything went alright. He still guggles a lot but not as last time. The bath is quite small, he can touch the bottom with the legs…

But we’ll hold on for another month. Few times he got upset after diving, but I comforted him and when I took him out of water he was in a happy mood. He’s quite nervous in general now, always wants to be held, apparently it’s some kind of phase. In general, everything’s OK.

Thanks a lot again! We’re looking forward to the swimming pool.

Dana and Krystof (4 months)


Andrey has rolled onto his belly today. I was as shocked just as he was.

I was looking forward to Tania’s massage since the little one was born. And finally it happened! Her attitude to the baby, her voice, and, what’s most important, her hands have turned this hour into pure happiness. And just after a week our boy has rolled onto his belly all by himself.

Thank you Tania for your precious hands and recommendations!

Anna and Andrey (3 months old)


What was in the beginning? Oscar could’t roll onto his belly and was quite tense, Oliver could roll onto the belly but only from one side and always turned his head only to one side, didn’t want to look straight long.

The head turn was completely corrected, the little one rolls over to both sides and there’s no more asymmetry.

Now everything’s alright, the boys started trying to sit up both in the highchair and in the stroller, they are reaching forward and trying to grab something to sit. Oscar crawls back and tucks the legs in to crawl forward but he cannot do it yet. Oliver raises his bottom very high, stands on his knees, I feel like they are both about to start crawling.

Yulia, mom of twins Oscar and Oliver (6 months)


Tania, our kid is the star of the local beach!

Thank you for your lessons! He’s not afraid of water at all, can dive for an hour, we can’t drag him out of water. Everyone is amazed at how he dives.

Oh yeah, he’s incredibly happy! I just see other children and they are not like that! All of them are afraid, parents are afraid for them, they get into water with tears. And our Miron runs into the sea the moment he sees it and dives right away.

Katya and Miron (9 months)


I’d like to share the success of our little girls after several sessions of massage and swimming with Tania.

Before that the girls were actively crawling on the belly but they couldn’t get on all fours for quite long, they also couldn’t get into a sitting position.

Although they were 11 months old I didn’t sit them up. After the very first session the girls started trying to get on all fours, pull themselves up and stand up. Without hesitation we continued working with Tania. After three or four sessions the older of the two started sitting down by herself. Their backs and upper bodies got stronger and the girls are more confident moving. We keep working and we hope that after a few more sessions they will get more active, get better in sitting and standing and they will be able to sit down safely.

Besides all the important things I’ve already mentioned, the girls really enjoy exercising on the ball and swimming in the bath. And I, as a mom, always find communication with Tania and her recommendations considering babies behaviour very useful.

We’re grateful and we’re going to continue!

Malika, mom of twins Sabrina and Anisa (11 months)