Communicating Vessels

„No one else could tell her anything so comforting or so reasonable as this little three-month-old creature when he lay at her breast and she was conscious of the movement of his lips and the snuffling of his little nose.

That creature was saying: “You are angry, you are afraid – but here am I! Here I am…” And that was unanswerable. It was more than true.“

Lev Tolstoj: War and peace

My name is Tatiana Mironova

I translate from children’s language to the language of adults and back


More about me

I understand children, especially the smallest ones

I know that their behavior transmits a message, and I can help to reveal what your child is trying to communicate to you with each particular action.


I understand parents’ feelings

I can teach you how to switch from parenting with emotional turbulence to Calm Parenting.

Despair and exhaustion will be replaced with  joy and mindfulness.

I will help you to build a lifelong bond with your children.

I will show you how the connections between siblings and parents work.

Your family will have a transition from the war path to the peace pipe, from separate seeds – to one blossom.

My mentors are my 4 children (25,19,14 and 4 years old)

I assisted my kids through their adaptations to a kindergarten 4 times.

 I survived their teenage transitions 3 times.

I’ve been working as a psychologist with parents and children for 17 years.

I’ve accumulated 2500 hours of baby massage and swimming since 2007

I’m a Montessori teacher for the ages 0-3 and 3-6 since 2017

P.S. In 25 years my children will be 50, 44, 39 and 29. What will happen to our bonds? Will our relationships change?

But of course! There will be grandchildren there!


For Parents

When all the „screams and shouts“ hit that crucial limit, a experienced guide can turn the tone into a more peaceful and constructive dialogue.

I will be with you, sharing my experience, soothing, supporting.

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Baby Massage

The first sense of touch occurs in the uterus. During 9 months of pregnancy amniotic fluid and uteral movements activate the embryo’s brain, relax it’s muscles, and create the feeling of comfort for the baby.

Finally after going through the strongest embrace, after reaching the peak of tactile contact, a newborn baby finds himself … in the vacuum.

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Baby Swimming

The little one has spent 9 months surrounded by liquid and he is getting used to his new life with his mom, dad and … gravity.

A delicate and slow swimming process reminds the baby of the tranquil condition in mom’s womb. Tension and muscle clamps that might have appeared in the birthing process go away, the belly relaxes, and the fists open.

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For Toddlers

The magic of the Montessori pedagogy is that it allows you to discover a little person’s individuality. But it’s not the theory that is miraculous, it’s the child who really is!

Parenthood, that was once new and scary, now becomes clearer and more familiar.

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